Cool your house in the summer and ventilate it in the winter with a Tamarack Whole House Fan

A whole house fan cools the entire home, versus only cooling the upper space. By pulling cooler air through your home at night from open downstairs windows and forcing it into the attic space they can provide acceptable summer comfort for many families, even in hot weather and in many cases can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates.

A tightly constructed home can trap toxic air which can lead to serious health issues.  A whole house fan is a way moving unhealthy air out of your house and can be used to refresh your home during the winter by removing stale air and high Co2 levels

  • Cool your attic, home and workspace at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.
  • Extends the Life of Your HVAC System
  • Reduces Excess Moisture in your attic
  • Extends the Life of Your Roof
  • Low Operating Costs