Ventilation in your home or business serves two main purposes: Provide healthy and comfortable indoor air and ensuring good thermal comfort by preventing or reducing overheating in warm periods.

Airing is a natural habit for most people and a healthy home should be thoroughly aired out as many as three times a day. Many people instinctively open the windows to let in some fresh air after cooking and cleaning, or when they return home. When you air out your home, you take control of it, remove the boundaries between inside and outside, and make it an active and inhabited place.

On a warm day it is very pleasant to feel the breeze through the windows, letting in the smells and sounds of summer and activating all your senses. Even in cold months, frequent airings are very important to keep the home smelling clean and a concern for the health and well-being of the family. With new CO2 and moisture monitoring technologies these systems can complete this very efficiently keeping your home healthy and fresh.