Add shading areas can increase Comfort, Privacy, Energy Savings and Health Benefits to your home or business.

Outdoor Deck, Patio, and Pool Sun shading systems can make temperatures feel up to 15 degrees cooler and can transform any area into a shaded oasis. Shaded areas can offer privacy while giving protection from the harmful UV rays caused by the sun.
Consider shading products to reduce home and business energy costs. By adding exterior mounted shading products to windows you can stop the suns heat before it reaches the windows. This can greatly affect your windows performance saving energy and making your home more comfortable.
Shading product at your office or workplace can increase productivity and employee job satisfaction while adding them to you retail business or restaurant will make dining more comfortable and can increase sales while improving the customer experience.

Our range of sun shade options can help you and your business decrease your energy costs during the summer months, while reducing the temperature in the shaded area by up to 20 degrees.
Shading can be added to many business spaces, for example – add additional seating area to a restaurant, bar or business for events or just to create a relaxing area for your staff to think and contemplate. Patrons will be more comfortable dining under the shade of these systems and you can increase revenue by providing extra-valuable space to seat additional guests, all while lowering your energy costs.