Pergolas add a creative design element to outdoor living spaces. Aristocrat adds Functionality and style.

A pergola is an open-sided structure usually made with pillars and an open framework top. Although they create a great design element, they can become nonfunctional during mid-day sun or inclement weather.  With Aristocrats innovative undermount retractable canopies and a host of fabric choices to match your home decor you can create a comfortable outdoor space protected from the sun and rain.

These can be designed into new structures made from wood, vinyl, and aluminum and are also ideal for retro-fitting your existing pergola, verandas, terraces, and roof gardens. Retractable canopies can provide shade around your pool and provide the atmosphere you need for outdoor entertaining. Dual cover options provide a water-resistant roof with a beautiful fabric inner canopy for summer rain protection.\

Benefits of Pergolas

  • Add definition to outdoor spaces
  • Can make privacy possible
  • Create additional garden space and lend plants a helping hand
  • Can create shade and protection from the elements
  • Residential and commercial applications