About Dr. Daylight

We are a family owned business that followed our passion to be stewards of the environment and have been brightening up and improving Mid- Michigan Area homes for over 15 years with a continuing expansion of products and services as new technologies have developed.

We began with Natural lighting and soon progressed to improved indoor air quality with home ventilation systems and technologies that will keep you home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We have eco-friendly solutions to help you save energy and provide ways you can invest in your home that will improve comfort while saving money.

For outdoor areas we provide other U.S. made products including exterior shading and screened rooms to help avoid bugs. We have several low maintenance products such as aluminum decks and railing systems to help you create a comfortable outdoor living area that can be enjoyed for years to come with family and friends.

Our Mission

Create healthier more inviting homes by providing quality US made products to improve indoor air quality, increase natural lighting, use innovative ways to control temperatures and expand living space outside with structures and shading products while saving money on energy bills.

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What We Do


Fixed skylights, venting skylights, sun tunnels, roof windows and skylight blinds.


Awnings, solar shades, canopies, and skylight blinds.


Whole house fans, solar attic fans, venting skylights and motorized screens.


Decks, railings, pergolas and screened rooms.

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Skylights, awnings, motorized screens and solar shades for your business.

Did you know?

You can improve your home’s efficiency and save big with a 30% tax credit on solar-powered skylights and blinds plus installation through December 31, 2019.

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